The Success Story Behind Visa: Investing in Digital Payment Companies


Visa, the global payments technology company, has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world and has transformed the way we pay for goods and services. By investing in digital payment companies, Visa has managed to stay ahead of the curve and secure its position as a leader in the payments industry.

Investing in PayPal

One of the most successful and game-changing investments made by Visa was in PayPal, the digital payments giant. In 2002, Visa entered into a partnership with PayPal, which allowed its Visa cardholders to use the PayPal platform. By doing so, Visa extended its reach and appeal to the growing number of consumers who were using digital payments to make purchases online. This partnership also helped PayPal expand its user base and become a household name. Visa also invested $20 million in PayPal in 2003, which proved to be a lucrative investment when PayPal went public in 2005. Visa earned $60 million from the PayPal IPO, and its continued partnership with PayPal has brought many benefits to both companies.

Investing in Square

In 2011, Visa invested $11 million in Square, a mobile payments company that allows businesses to accept credit and debit card payments using a smartphone or tablet. Visa’s investment helped Square expand rapidly, and the company is now worth over $30 billion. Visa also benefited from the partnership, as Square’s mobile card readers are designed to work with Visa cards. This investment helped Visa stay relevant in the rapidly evolving payments landscape.

Investing in Stripe

Visa also invested in Stripe, a start-up that simplifies the processing of online payments for businesses. In 2014, Visa invested $18 million in the company, which was then valued at $1.8 billion. This investment enabled Visa to expand its digital payments capabilities and offer its services to a wider range of businesses, while also supporting Stripe’s innovative approach to payments processing. Today, Stripe is valued at over $35 billion.


Visa’s success story is a testament to its ability to adapt and invest in digital payment companies that are shaping the future of the payments industry. By partnering with and investing in companies like PayPal, Square, and Stripe, Visa has remained at the forefront of innovation and has continued to deliver value to its customers and shareholders.