The Influence of Financial Brands in the World of Sports: Sponsorships and Investments


Sports and finance have always been interconnected. Financial brands have been increasingly investing in sports, making it a profitable business for both parties. Sponsorships and investments are the two main ways through which finance and sports come together.


Sponsorship is a marketing strategy where a company pays to associate its brand with a sports team, event, or athlete. In return, the sponsor gets the right to use the name, image, and logo of the sponsored party in their advertisements, products, and services. Sponsorships help brands gain visibility and create positive associations with sports. It also benefits the sponsored party by providing funds for their operations, equipment, and development.


Investments in sports refer to the acquisition of shares or ownership in a sports team, league, or event. Financial brands invest in sports for several reasons, including diversifying their portfolio, generating revenue streams, and leveraging their brand. Investment opportunities allow brands to have a say in the management and decision-making of the sports entity they are involved with, providing a direct stake in its success.

Examples of Financial Brands in Sports

Many financial brands have invested in sports through sponsorships and investments, including:
  • Mastercard and its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League.
  • JP Morgan and its ownership stake in the New York Yankees.
  • Barclays and its sponsorship of the English Premier League.
  • Budweiser and its sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup.
  • Goldman Sachs and its majority ownership of the esports company, Team Liquid.


The relationship between finance and sports is beneficial for both parties. Financial brands invest in sports to diversify their portfolio, generate revenue streams, and leverage their brand. Sports entities benefit from the funds provided by sponsors and the management expertise of investor partners. The influence of financial brands in sports is growing, as it remains a profitable and impactful marketing strategy.